Company Profile

Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) is a leading specialty IC foundry service provider. Since its inception in 1994 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, VIS has been achieving continuous success in its technology development and production efficiency improvement. VIS has also been consistently offering its customers cost-effective solutions and high value-added services. VIS has four 8-inch fabs in Taiwan and Singapore with a monthly capacity of approximately 241,000 wafers in 2021.

VIS has a total of about 6,000 employees. We are committed to adhering to our customer-oriented business philosophy to provide customers continuously improved and enhanced specialty IC foundry services. To better serve our worldwide customers, VIS has established sales offices in Taiwan and sales representatives in main IC clusters around the world.


Utilizing its core technologies, VIS continues to expand portfolio of products and invest in R&D of process technologies in response to industrial trends and growing market demands. VIS offers a wide range of process technologies, including High Voltage, Ultra High Voltage, Bipolar CMOS DMOS (BCD), Silicon on Insulator (SOI), Discrete, Logic, Mixed-Signal, Analog, High Precision Analog, Embedded Memory, and MEMS to further help increase its foundry customers' global competitiveness.

In order to enhance its silicon IP R&D capability, VIS continues to strengthen strategic relationship with partners and enhance silicon IP services. Currently available silicon IPs are standard cell library, SRAM, one-time programmable, multiple-time programmable, electrical fuse, and power phantom cell. Furthermore, VIS is accelerating the set-up of non-volatile flash IP. With the help from strategic IP partners, VIS can also provide IPs that are required by specialty ICs.