Compensation & Benefits

VIS regards its employees as the most important assets of the company and is committed to providing employees with industry-leading benefits to maintain talent competitiveness.

Competitive Compensation

VIS' overall compensation is determined based on employees' professional knowledge, skills, job responsibilities, performances, and long-term commitment. The compensation package is integrated with the goals of the company to attract, motivate and retain talented people. VIS shares the operational results with employees and distributes remuneration based on the company's profit each year.

Above Standard Paid Annual Leave

VIS offers paid annual leave superior to the requirements by the Labor Standards Act. Employees are entitled to paid annual leave after an employment period of three months. VIS also offers more flexible paid leaves than legally required, therefore employees can plan their vacations according to their individual needs.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Program

VIS offers free high-value group insurance covering employees and their spouses, parents, and children. The program includes life, accident, medical, cancer, and major illness insurances to ensure the overall protection of the lives and safety of employees.

Comprehensive Pension Plans

VIS complies with the laws to ensure the employees' retirement benefit according to the pension plan of Labor Pension Act ("LPA") and/or the Labor Standards Law (LSL).

For employees who apply for the LPA pension plan, VIS contributes to 6% of employees' monthly salary towards their individual pension account.

For employees who apply for the LSL pension plan, VIS contributes 2% of their total monthly salary to a pension fund account in Bank of Taiwan. VIS also engages professional actuarial consultant to conducts actuarial assessment of the pension reserve before the end of each year to ensure the pension fund is adequate to pay retired employees.