Life at VIS

A Life of Fun and Passion at VIS

VIS works hard to implement an open management style, offer diverse benefits and activities, and foster a friendly and healthy working environment that leads to a balanced work and life.

  • Colorful Corporate Activities
  • Various Welfare Programs
  • Employee Assistance
    Programs and Wellness
  • Well-established
    Communication Channels
  • Comfortable Dining

We organize annual Sports Day, Family Day, Year-end Party, as well as Sports Season. We encourage employees and their families to participate in these events and create lasting memories together.

There are a variety of facilities, including fitness and aerobics rooms, convenience stores, and cafés. Also, the Employee Welfare Committee provides comprehensive benefits, including annual company trips, employee club activities, and guest speaking that lead employees to a balanced lifestyle.

We deeply care about the health of our employees. Employees' health is a key factor to the success and sustainability of an enterprise. Not only do we offer free yearly health check-ups and medical consultation, we are also committed to maintaining a balance between work and life, safeguarding the mental and physical health of our employees, and creating a "friendly and healthy workplace."

Employee Assistance Programs

VIS aims to build effective communication channel, open management model, and healthy,friendly working environment. VIS provides complete EAPs assistance service in working, life and health aspect. These service contains employee opinion and free EAP counseling, including professional counseling in psychological, legal, management, health, financial management and medical service, leading to a work-life balance environment.

The company promotes a communicative and open management style by regularly organizing communication meetings with the Chairman and other employee/employer meetings. Clear and various communication channels are also established to create a harmonious employee/employer relationship.

A comprehensive dining environment consists of employee cafeteria, convenience stores, and cafés, which offers delicious ethnic food as well as vegetarian options, to meet employees' diverse diets.