Corporate Governance

Intellectual Property Management

Management Scope

Continuous investment in innovative research and development according to VIS' operating strategy, and deployment of global patent portfolio to ensure that the research and development results are fully protected.

According to the PIP Policy, regular meetings of the inter-organizational PIP committee are held to fully implement the protection measures.

In the management and administration of VIS, protect VIS' intellectual property rights from being infringed in order to maintain competitiveness, and enhance colleagues' awareness of VIS' business secrets and important information protection to effectively reduce operational risks and enhance market competitiveness.

Management achievement

VIS regularly reports the implementation of its intellectual property management plan to the board of directors every year, and the related intellectual property management status and management results have been reported in the board of directors' meeting held on August 4, 2020.

VIS' patent deployment focuses on the quality of patents that are mainly in Taiwan, USA and China. The total number of patent applications worldwide has exceeded 2,900, and the cumulative number of patents granted is around 2,200. In 2019, VIS ranked in the top 100 in the number of domestic patent applications and patents granted according to data disclosed by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. In recent years, the number of patents granted has grown steadily. In addition to gaining unique technological leadership to strengthen competitive advantages, the growing number of patents also provides better protection to VIS and customers.

For the protection of confidential information, each department continues to implement and improve daily execution, promotion, education and training of the protection procedure every year. In 2019, all colleagues have completed PIP training.

In the future, we will continue to, based on VIS' strategic considerations and operational goals, strengthen the acquisition, management and use of intellectual property to protect the operation freedom and competitive advantages of the company.