Corporate Sustainability at VIS

Letter from Chairman

Breaking New Ground In Time Of Change

Image As a responsible corporate citizen, VIS is committed to exert its influences to endorse, support, and practice business ethics, employee rights, health, and safety, and environmental standards recognized internationally within the scope of law, and proactively engages in environmental protection and social participation, practicing environmental sustainability and creating common good for the society through concrete actions.

In 2019, VIS acquired GlobalFoundries' 8-inch fab in Singapore and its MEMS IPs and business. Through the effort of all employees, VIS achieved great results in both annual revenue and profit. Steady profit allowed VIS to continue investing resources to promote and practice corporate social responsibility (CSR), strengthen communication with stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, media, and the public, listen to all stakeholders' voices, and keep pace with global trends and introduce new changes in the aspects of corporate governance, environmental protection, and social participation.

In 2018, VIS tried to define 14 major CSR topics jointly with our stakeholders for the first time in response to the 17 SDGs set forth by the United Nations; in 2019, we further focused on the opinions of the management team through VIS CSR Questionnaires. Based on stakeholders' expectations and senior executives' viewpoints, VIS defined and ranked the levels of materiality of major CSR topics. Through two dimensions, "Level of Stakeholder Concern" and "Impact on Corporate Operation," major CSR topics were ranked according to respective materiality for more precise presentation. CSR Committee also targeted the 12 major CSR topics identified in 2019 and formulated sustainable goals and management guidelines for each topic, responding to stakeholders' demands with a concrete foundation of CSR development.

In the area of corporate governance, VIS has complied with corporate governance principles, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, established effective corporate governance frameworks that strengthen the functionality of the board of directors and fulfill the functions of the Audit Committee. While maintaining normal business development and protection of shareholders' equity, VIS also respects the rights of stakeholders and strengthens information disclosure of corporate governance to promote information transparency. VIS has achieved the honor of top 5% listed companies at TPEx for five consecutive years in the corporate governance evaluation conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 2019, VIS made plan to establish "Risk Management Committee" in 2020, which will regularly report to the board and Audit Committee, strengthening the Company's risk control and management through better defined organizational responsibilities and duties.

In the area of environmental protection, VIS undertakes precautionary environmental protection measures to minimize adverse effects of its manufacturing operation on the community, environment and global warming, and continuously invests in the development and deployment of environmentally friendly technologies. In 2019, VIS received a score of A- for the first time among 8,400 companies participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in the world. VIS continues to implement various energy-saving and carbon-reduction projects, and is projected to reduce GHS emissions to 22% below the 2015 level by 2025. Also, VIS has developed technical platform for power management IC that saves more energy, increasing the share of high eco-friendly components in products. Furthermore, VIS has proactively participated in avocation of environmental protection, for example, the radio program sponsored by VIS has invited experts to discuss climate change and environmental protection related issues with the public. Also, in March 2020, VIS participated in the global energy-saving event, "Earth Hour;" without compromising the production of wafer fabs, VIS turned off the lights in the office areas for one hour to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

As for social participation, VIS has encouraged employees to make use of own expertise and enthusiasm, and join the Company to help those in need, support education in rural areas, and partake in community building, becoming the driving force of social development; also, VIS leads the entire supply chain to partake in the aforementioned endeavors to maximize the influences. In 2019, VIS achieved historical highs in terms of donated resources, numbers of volunteering person-times and hours, as well as total amount of charity donation and the number of organizations and groups helped. Purposes were specified for specific donations to more effectively and concretely help those in need.

In 2019, VIS' social participation and innovation endeavors included: inviting social welfare groups to set up charity booths at the fair on Family Day, and distributing charity raffle tickets to employees, which could only be used at specified booths to help generate profits for social welfare groups; providing lunch boxes with suppliers and having volunteers to join senior citizens in communities for meals; organizing fundraising campaign within the Company and making use of volunteering employees' musical skills to help children at children's home through art therapy; furthermore, VIS invited suppliers to participate in its annual charity year-end party and maintain the Cherry Blossom Park and Qianjia Park in Hsinchu City adopted by the Company, leading the entire supply chain to participate in charity.

Beginning in late 2019, the outbreak of COVID-19 has spread throughout the world. As soon as the first imported case was confirmed in January 2020, VIS established an internal interdepartmental pandemic-prevention taskforce to formulate and execute various pandemic-prevention measures. To date, all VIS employees at fabs in Taiwan and Singapore are in sound health, and there is no confirmed case. All four fabs have remained normal operations as VIS has cooperated with both governments' pandemic-prevention requirements.

Currently, the pandemic continues to affect the world, and the development of the US-China trade war remains complicated and unpredictable. VIS will continue to safeguard the health and safety of all employees. Myself, as well as all members of the management team, will do our best to protect the Company's interests through changing situations and cautiously move forward. Also, VIS will continue to invest resources to achieve environmental sustainability, create value-added for all stakeholders, and march toward a future of synergy and common good.

Chairman of VIS

Leuh Fang