Charity and Social Participation

Community Development

VIS has two fabs within Hsinchu Science Park, and VIS Fab 2 is actively building community friendly relationship with the community for the betterment of our community and the environment.

Adopting Cherry Blossom Park and Ke-Tzu-Hu Creek

On Arbor Day 2019, VIS Fab 2 Director led all colleagues to plant trees at Cherry Blossom Park in Jinshan Village. Currently, there are 80 cherry trees in the park, which is surrounded by Ke-TzuHu Creek, right next to Fab 2 within walking distance.

In May 2019, VIS adopted the Ke-Tzu-Hu Creek by the park to build more comprehensive ecosystem. The preliminary plan is for VIS to adopt the 800-meter section of the creek from the park through flood detention pond to the rear side of VIS Fab2, as well as both banks of the creek. The adopted area is approximately 1.75 hectares. Currently, VIS has completed remediation and beautification, and added stone steps, hydrophilic platform, stone stairway, tree fence, and safety warning signs.

Firefly Restoration

The next step after remediation and beautification of Cherry Blossom Park and Ke-Tzu-Hu Creek is to carry out firefly restoration in the area by the flood detention pond. VIS formed firefly restoration team with NTU Professor Ping-shih Yang, which has finished preliminary survey, and will carry out restoration of fireflies. VIS hopes that, through successful restoration fireflies, Cherry Blossom Park will become a hydrophilic park with friendlier environment and ecology.

Helping Disadvantaged Small Farmers

To help the survival of small farmers who were unable to sell their produces, VIS launched a campaign to help disadvantaged small farmers and support "Local organic fruits and rice for reduction of food miles and carbon footprints," which was popular among employees. Through talking with the farmers, they discovered that small farmers were usually older than average, and standing for a long period of time to sell their produces was not a feasible option. The team discussed and decided to sell the small farm produces by cooperating with coffee bar inside the fab, while also helping with poster designs and online promotions, so that VIS employees could buy fresh and affordable organic fruits, creating a new all-win charity model. In 2019, VIS sold approximately 180 kilograms of tankan and 720 kilograms of organic rice for the small farmers.