Charity and Social Participation

Environmental Education

VIS environmental education features four major themes, including: energy-saving and carbon reduction and source management, full mobilization of environmental education in life, rooting of environmental education, and social participation and natural humanity. VIS offers environmental education to employees, community, and secondary and higher education students. In 2019, a total of 2,650 people participated, displaying the effects and influences of VIS' promotion of environmental education.

Succulent Plant DIY Seminar
VIS organized "Succulent Plan DIY Seminar" for employees, allowing participants to experience the fun of taking care of succulent plants. They also took the concept back to their homes and communities. VIS also promoted the "Green Point Campaign" in response to the ideas of green consumption and circular economy, and encouraged all employees to participate and jointly support the government's environmental protection policy, generating value for environmental actions. VIS hoped to raise employees' environmental awareness through participation and achieve the goals of sustainable development.
Promotion of Eco-Friendly Cup
To promote and encourage the use of eco-friendly cups, VIS introduced the "uCup" free cup rental service for the Family Sports Day in 2019. Based on data of the event, VIS successfully avoided using 1,062 disposable cups/bowls, equivalent to approximately 955.8 L of water and 106.2 kilograms of carbon emissions, effectively saving energy.
Campus Outreach in Elementary Schools, Junior and Senior High Schools, and Universities
Starting in 2013, VIS Environmental Safety Department employees launched plan to visit nearby elementary schools and junior and senior high schools for environmental education. Leveraging their professional knowledge, VIS employees explained to students environmental protection related issues, such as 'carbon and water footprints, energy-saving and carbon reduction, recycling, succulent plant DIY'. They also introduced VIS fabs' 'disaster prevention and relief' expertise to raise the students safety awareness. In 2019, VIS' campus outreach program cooperated with National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu HsinKe Junior High School, and Hsinchu Guang Ming Elementary School.