Charity and Social Participation

Social Welfare and Donation

VIS has long cared for underprivileged groups by gathering different company resources and working with its employees collectively to actively participate in social welfare and charity activities. VIS has also launched internal charity fundraisings for donations to social welfare organizations, giving back to our society through concrete actions.

Charity Works

In 2019, VIS expanded the scale of Family Day and organized Family Sports Day for the first time. In the fair, VIS specially stablished "charity booths," inviting social welfare organizations long supported by the Company to set up booths selling handmade food and stationary items. Each employee was given a NT$100-worth "Charity Raffle Ticket," which they could only use at a charity booth. VIS donated a total amount of NT$1.2 million to the organizations that set up booths at the fair, including Saint Joseph Social Welfare Foundation, World Peace, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, SOS Children's Village, and performance team Skikun Culture and Creative Dance Group; each group received NT$200,000, helping underprivileged groups including children of low-income families, children with disabilities, abused children, children with Down syndrome, children with intellectual disabilities, and people suffering from facial deformity.

Year-End Charity Donation

In 2019, VIS made year-end charity donations to six social welfare organizations. In addition to the three social welfare groups, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, Old Five Old Foundation, and Eden Social Welfare Foundation, which take care of senior citizens living alone and received the donations last year, VIS added three "halfway houses" as partners. Specific purposes were designated for all donations to social welfare organizations. VIS employees showed the world that donations in small amounts could accumulate sufficient power to let senior citizens living alone enjoy a hearty New Year's Eve dinner, and give children and youths in halfway houses richer learning resources, helping them to turn life around.

2019 Year-End Charity Donations
Organization Sponsored Program Amount (NT$)
Taoyuan LOHAS Preschool Children Art Therapy Program 415,158
Blue Sky House Detained Youth Guidance Program 374,294
Garden of Hope Foundation Abused Young Girl Education Aid Program 548,008
Old Five Old Foundation Embrace Senior Citizens Living alone with Love Program 449,436
Huashan Social Welfare Foundation Year-End Banquet for People in Need 358,458
Eden Social Welfare Foundation Love-Chinese New Year Feast 354,646
Charity Year-End Party – A Date with Social Welfare Organizations

In 2019, VIS' Charity Year-End Party had 42 tables and set a new record in number of participants, inviting over 400 friends from social welfare organizations and the press. During his opening remark, Chairman Leuh Fang spoke in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hakka, to welcome the participating media friends and senior citizens living alone, who were aided by Old Five Old Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and Eden Social Welfare Foundation, as well as senior citizens whom volunteers dined with once a month living in the neighboring Baoshan, Jinshan, and Kehu villages. This was VIS' annual date with social welfare organizations

In addition to inviting senior citizens in nearby neighborhoods, the contractor of 2019 Charity Year-End Party, Gangnan L'Amour, also participated in VIS' charity works, purchasing 420 boxes of handmade egg rolls by people with disabilities at Gofe Shelter Workshop, and gifting them to all guests of the party. This was the realization of VIS' dream of encouraging suppliers to join the charity work and maximize our effort.

Cultural Sponsorship – Focusing on Taiwan's Power and Beauty

To promote social harmony and in consideration of the future prospects of Taiwan, beginning in 2015, the Company has provided annual sponsorship of NT$2 million to IC Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to produce a series of broadcast programs, "Focus on Taiwan," which is now hosted by former news anchor Chun-hua Shen. In 2019, the topics covered by the program included: AI applications, air pollution, rise of women, mobile banking, and international volunteering. A total of 52 episodes were produced annually, available not just on IC FM97.5, but also Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, allowing more people to freely download and access to maximize the influences of the program.

In addition to exploring international trends, VIS also promoted arts and cultural activities, sponsoring the "TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival" for numerous consecutive years. In 2019, VIS sponsored a total of NT$100,000 for the organization of "Miracle! Hearing NOBU Concert" by Japanese blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, and "Crazy for Crosstalk" by Taipei Quyituan. The two performances took place at National Taichung Theater and Hsinchu County Auditorium.

Furthermore, National Tsing Hua University's "Sunrise Program" sponsored by VIS was coming to an end after three years. The program provided an annual scholarship of NT$200,000 to two students who each come from a disadvantaged family background. VIS donated a total of NT$1.2 million over the three years, and had senior executives to serve as the students' mentors.