Charity and Social Participation

Volunteer Services

In 2015, embracing the spirit of "From the Society, For the Society," VIS founded VIS Volunteer Program, and set the objective of making the world a better place through "chosen themes and long-term investment". In 2019, in addition to original services of education in indigenous villages, VIS Volunteer Program expanded its scope of services, reaching out to senior citizens living alone by dining with them, accompanying children at halfway houses, and raising funds and goods. In 2019, VIS employees and family members engaged a total of 164 person-times of volunteering, accumulating a total of 550 hours of volunteering services.

Volunteering Achievements over Past Three Years
Item 2017 2018 2019
Person-Time 23 40 164
Hour 77 134 550
Indigenous Village Education

VIS Volunteer Program chose the Unique Atayal College in Hsinchu County as the first recipient of its services, and the sponsorship included: book raising for children, having employees volunteering as reading companions, inviting children to partake in the Company's Family Day activities, and taking the children to the National Palace Museum.

After the Unique Atayal College, VIS volunteers have entered the Smangus Tribal Village in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, since 2017; after the kindergarten donated by the Company was built, the volunteers also raised books for pre-school children, and read the books with them. Through monthly visits, VIS volunteers have accompanied the children to make crafts, tell stories, and play games; the program has continued until today. In 2019, VIS employees continued to make use of monthly holidays to visit the children of the kindergarten.

Moreover, on Family Sports Day, VIS invited Atayal children of the Skikun Culture and Creative Dance Group from Yilan for an exciting opening performance. After the performance, VIS made arrangement for them to visit 'TSMC-NCTU Energy Education Center – Orchid House,' where engineers explained to the children how to achieve environmental protection through energy-saving design, blending education with entertainment.

Dining with Senior Citizens

Responding to TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Sophie Chang's "Cherishing Food" concept, VIS Volunteer Program expanded its scope of services in 2019, making "dining with neighborhood senior citizens" a routine service. VIS' catering supplier was invited to jointly donate lunch boxes to deliver to senior citizens living alone in the two villages, Baoshan and Kehu, around Fab 1 and Fab 2, twice a month, and VIS volunteers would visit the senior citizens and dine and talk with them once a month, caring for their health and wellbeing.

Visiting Children at Halfway Houses

In 2019, VIS Volunteer Program also expanded service scope to halfway houses, mainly serving Taoyuan LOHAS Preschool and SOS Children's Village in Taoyuan. VIS volunteers visited LOHAS Preschool monthly to read and play games with children, and teach them computer and violin, as well as leading them to a field trip to YesHealth iFarm for environmental education. Also, VIS volunteers also raised used and new goods and sponsored children of SOS Children's Village for charity auction. The revenue of the charity auction, NT$89,600, was then used by SOS Children's Village as annual operation fee.

LOHAS Preschool Principal Mei-lan Wu especially thanked VIS employees for bringing violins to the preschool and teaching the children how to play. Through learning the instrument, these children, who had been hurt before, could find relief for suppressed emotions, as well as pains that could not be expressed by words. Art therapy was expensive, and VIS employees, who were skilled violinists, provided the children instruments and visited the preschool regularly to teach them how to play, helping the preschool to save a significant amount of expense for art therapy, while also inspiring the children's interest in music.

Donation of Goods and Supplies

In early 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 affected Taiwan and the world. At the beginning of the pandemic, VIS purchased 2,000 children masks and donated to the halfway houses that worked with VIS Volunteer Program. The children did not have to wait in line to get masks, reducing the workload of social workers and supervisors at the halfway houses. During the height of the pandemic in April, VIS also responded to TSMC Charity Foundation's initiative, and donated 31 gas masks used in the labs at VIS fabs to doctors and lab technicians. VIS also sent engineers to train the doctors and technicians on how to put on the professional gas masks, providing first-line medical professionals the highest grade protective gear, so that they would not be infected when caring for patients.

Furthermore, VIS employees raised goods and supplies, including food, used shoes and clothing, and computers for LOHAS Preschool, SOS Children's Village, and Hsinchu Renai Children's Home, as well as other non-profiting organizations. VIS employees raised supplies and goods equivalent to NT$510,000.