Environment, Safety and Health

Working Environment and Personal Safety Protection Measures

VIS abides by applicable laws and regulations of occupational safety and health to formulate corporate-level policy and operational procedures. VIS upholds the principles of providing employees with a safe and healthy workplace, constantly planning and implementing various management measures listed below:

  • Identification, assessment, and control of working environment or operating hazards
  • Safety management of machinery, equipment, and tools
  • Labeling and communication of dangerous and hazardous materials
  • Planning and monitoring of sampling method for hazardous job environment
  • Procurement management, subcontractor management and management of change (MOC)
  • Safety and health educational training and drills
  • Training on use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and its management
  • Operational safety observation and its improvement
  • Investigation and settlement and statistical analysis of occupational accidents, near misses, events that affect the physical and mental health
  • Health examination, management, and facilitation
  • Sanitary test on food and drinking water
  • Compiling and sharing of safety and health information and regular promotion
  • Promotion of safety and health retraining, safety engineering method and license courses
  • Administering competitive KPI benchmarks for environmental, safety, and health compliance to promote workplace safety affairs in an effort to elevate employees' awareness on safety and health

2020 Energy-saving Investment

Category of Energy-saving Investment Amount (TWD) Energy Saved (Kwh) Environmental Benefits (CO2e reduction/kg) Externally Verified
FAC Utility $46,996K 5,966K 3,305K No
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) $44,010K 6,900K 3,822K No
Optimization of Process Parameters $0 1,168K 647K No
Replacement of Energy-saving Auxiliary Equipment $58,443K 5,644K 3,127K No
Total $149,449K 19,677K 10,901K No