Environment, Safety and Health

Policy & Management System

To continually improve environmental protection practices and health and safety management, VIS complies with the ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 standards, and maintains its ESH performances of its fabs at levels exceeding ESH standards, as well as accident free.

When it comes to the Company's environmental, safety, and health policies, VIS places a strong emphasis on full participation by all employees to ensure across-the-board safety. Amended per requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018, as well as our commitments to international conventions, VIS has added policies regarding prevention of occupational injuries and diseases for better physical and mental health, and CRS. After being reviewed and signed by VIS Chairperson and President Leuh Fang, the latest policies are posted on the official website and the bulletin board of each fab to ensure that each employee clearly understands VIS's policies and works to achieve their objectives.

* Scope of EHS Management System: VIS' headquarters and all fabs, as well as all operations, products, and services derived from IC design, research and development, and manufacturing processes in fabs.

VIS Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) specializes in IC design, R&D, manufacturing and sales, and focuses on establishing good interactive relations with stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers, subsidiaries, suppliers, outsourcers, and local residents. ESH is one of the focus when we conduct due diligence before mergers and acquisitions. Adhering to core values of “Integrity and Pragmatic, Commitment, Innovation and Partnership“, VIS strives to achieve goals of “zero safety incident” and “sustainable environmental development”. VIS‘ strategies include compliance with legal requirements, employees’ participation in promoting safety and health, monitoring trends of climate change, source management and control of ESH risks, cultivation of ESH culture, enhanced utilization of resources and prevention of pollution, building of green supply chain and logistics, and fulfillment of corporate civic and social responsibilities.

VIS is committed to continue performing and improving the following tasks:

VIS Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

Promotion of Environmental, Safety, and Health in Each Department

Each department designates senior personnel to record and assess safety and health risks and environmental aspects associated with the various types of occupational activities, products, and services encountered on the job as well as common occupational hazards, insurance company audits, recommendations from outside experts, and records of previous accidents and regulatory requirements of each department and partnering plants. In addition, VIS departments are required to submit ESH improvement proposals which address high-risk and significant environmental aspects. Proposals currently being implemented include the following:

Promotion of ESH Education

With the vision of an employee-oriented "Happy Enterprise" and support of senior executives, VIS actively promotes educational training and certification, enhancing employees' safety awareness through learning, establishing safety culture, and finally achieving the vision of "health, joyous workplace, and happy home".

Different types of trainings are organized according to ESH Training Guidelines and annual training plan in order to enhance every worker's knowledge on hazards, protecting lives and health. Based on trainees, nature of work, and needs, there are four major types of trainings: new employee, dangerous machine and equipment operators, executives, and emergency response. Results of trainings are monitored through tests to enhance all workers' awareness of hazards, ensure safety and health.