Major Topics Management


Major Topics Policy and Commitment Sustainable Goals 2019 Results Future Direction and Plan Resources Assessment Mechanism
Environmental Assessment of Supplier Long-term cooperation with suppliers to jointly build and develop stable relations and urge them to be responsible for environment
  • 100% Suppliers recognize and comply with VIS CSR Policy
  • 100% Suppliers comply with R.B.A. Responsible Minerals Initiative
  • 100% new suppliers recognize and signed with VIS CSR Policy
  • All mining related suppliers completed Responsible Minerals Survey to declare compliance with R.B.A. Responsible Minerals Initiative
  • Establish supplier sustainability management assessment and supplier CSR policy management
  • Demand suppliers' operations to comply with related laws and regulations in respective countries and related international code of conduct
Urge suppliers to comply with the Company's HSF policy, occupational safety and health and environmental policies, and responsible minerals management Laws and regulations in respective countries, as well as EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (EU RoHS), EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (EU REACH), and R.B.A. Responsible Minerals Initiative
Legal Compliance for Environment With the spirit to continue improving environmental protection, ensure environmental performances at all the fabs exceeding all targets in accordance with ISO 14001 framework
  • Comply with laws and regulations, and pass ISO 14001 certification
  • Formulate related policies and rules to avoid violations and impacts on company operation and finance
  • No major violations in the environmental aspect
No major violations No major violations Environmental Safety Department logs into National Laws and Regulations Database monthly to learn latest environmental protection laws and other requirement, ensuring compliance Each fab will report to the fab safety committee the results of ESH implementation every month, and the implementation of the entire fab will be compiled quarterly and reported at the Company's safety committee meeting for President's feedbacks.
GHG Emissions Comply with laws and regulations, formulate GHG management policy and rules, and promote energy-saving and carbon-reduction goals Continue promoting various energy-saving and carbon reduction plans to achieve the goal of emitting 22% less GHG per unit area of wafer than 2015 level by 2025 GHG emissions per unit area of wafer 14.7% below 2015 level GHG emissions per unit area of wafer 20% below 2015 level by 2022 Continue to carry out GHG reduction and replacement as well as energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures, such as replacing large energy-saving facilities, heat recovery treatment, variable frequency pump, and optimal operation of chiller Continue to promote ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and carry out ISO 14064-1 GHG Verification and ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification and third-party verification, and submit regular reports