Major Topics Management


Major Topics Policy and Commitment Sustainable Goals 2019 Results Future Direction and Plan Resources Assessment Mechanism
Employee-Employer Relations Strive to build a challenging yet fun workplace that enables continued learning, attract outstanding professionals in various domains, to make VIS a diverse, innovative, and steadily-growing enterprise
  • Offer benefits and leave policies superior to legal requirements
  • Offer insurance in compliance with local laws and regulations, including labor insurance and universal health insurance, as well as group all risks insurance
  • Regularly conduct "Survey of Corporate Business Philosophy" so that employees recognize the VIS business philosophy, as well as to refine corporate business philosophy
  • In the long term, ideal turnover rate is from 5% to 10%
  • Strive to give shareholders above-average compensation, while also providing employees industry-leading benefits
  • Turnover rate of 4.6%
  • 2018 "Survey of Corporate Business Philosophy" revealed that employees had an 88% recognition level of the Company's business philosophy
  • Short-term goals:
    • Campus outreach: Strengthen connection with schools and organize campus activities
    • Establish diversified recruitment channels: Utilize social media, campus activities, and training institutions, to enhance efficiency of recruitment and attract talents
  • Mid-term goals:
    • Becoming top brand of employer and attract outstanding talents
    • Offer competitive compensation to attract and retain top talents, encourage employee with great performances and long-term contributions
Company provides all employees life, accident, medical, and cancer insurances, as well as flexible leave days, pension, emergency aids, wedding and child subsidies, funeral aids, birthday subsidy, yearend party subsidies, discount stores, irregular group vacations, and club activity subsidies Quarterly legal compliance review, checking if all units are in compliance with RBA and all related ROC laws and regulations
Occupational Health and Safety VIS complies with OHSAS 18001 and CNS 15506 frameworks to ensure that safety and health performances exceed set targets for continued improvement of safety and health
  • Provide employees safe and healthy working environment
  • No major occupational accidents
No major occupational injuries and diseases
  • Zero-occupational safety accidents and proactive prevention of occupational diseases
  • Employee disabling injury frequency (FR) <0.45 and severity (SR) <4
Implement the Company's various safety and health management measures, including safety and health promotion and training, machinery and facilities safety and working environment monitoring, health management, chemicals and individual protective gear management, incident investigation and analysis, to ensure safe working environment and personal safety Each fab will report to the fab safety committee the results of ESH implementation every month, and the implementation of the entire fab will be compiled quarterly and reported at the Company's safety committee meeting for President's feedbacks
Social Participation
  • Select specific issues and demographics for long-term engagement
  • Develop diverse volunteer programs
  • Continued donation to disadvantaged groups
Invest manpower, resources, and money to:
  • Support disadvantaged groups
  • Bridge rural-urban education gap
  • Participate in community building
  • Promote environmental education to convey ideals of environmental sustainability
  • In April 2019, VIS CSR Committee invited TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Sophie Chang to give a keynote speech on the topic of "Pay It Forward," and participated in "10,000 per Household" project, adopting 5 households that were affected by the Hualien earthquake in 2018
  • In 2019, VIS employees and family members engaged a total of 164 person times of volunteering, accumulating a total of 550 hours of volunteering services
  • Provide lunch boxes with suppliers and have volunteers joining senior citizens in communities for meals once a month
  • VIS distributed charity raffle tickets on Family Sports Day and invited five social welfare organizations to set up booths
  • VIS' Charity Year-End Party had 42 tables and set a new record in number of participants, inviting over 400 friends from social welfare organizations and the press
  • On Family Sports Day, VIS invited Atayal children of the Skikun Culture and Creative Dance Group from Yilan for an exciting opening performance. After the performance, VIS made arrangement for them to visit "TSMC-NCTU Energy Education Center – Orchid House," where engineers explained to the children how to achieve environmental protection through energy-saving design, blending education with entertainment
  • Sponsored NT$2 million to IC Broadcasting Co., for "Focus on Taiwan" hosted by former news anchor Chunhua Shen, discussing AI applications, air pollution, rise of women, mobile banking, and international volunteering
Consolidate all resources and manpower to participate in social welfare events. Long-term care for disadvantaged groups. Launch internal fundraiser and make donation to social welfare organizations, giving back to society through concrete actions Social participation in 2019 reached NT$5.685 million, including:
  • Charity donations of NT$1.2 million to six social welfare organizations
  • Adopting 5 households of "10,000 per Household" project at a total of NT$600,000
  • Year-end charity donation of NT$2.5 million designated for Taoyuan LOHAS Preschool's "Children Art Therapy Program," Blue Sky House's "Detained Youth Guidance Program," the Garden of Hope Foundation's "Abused Young Girl Education Aid Program," Old Five Old Foundation's "Embrace Senior Citizens Living alone with Love Program," Huashan Social Welfare Foundation's "Year End Banquet for People in Need," and Eden Social Welfare Foundation's "Love Chinese New Year Feast."
  • Invested NT$354,000 in community building
  • Invested NT$97,000 in environmental education
  • Department representatives report at quarterly CSR Committee meeting on status of implementation
  • CSR Committee Vice Chairman reports to BoD every six month