Corporate Sustainability at VIS

Corporate Sustainability Policy

VIS is a leading specialty IC foundry service provider in the world. Providing customers the most competitive and comprehensive solutions and high value-added services are the core value of VIS, as well as the foundation of the company’s sustainable development. In pursuit of long-term and stable profitability, VIS responds rapidly to market changes, and works closely with customers to create win-win situation. Also, while safeguarding shareholders’ interests, VIS grows together with stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, community and society, and follows the principles of sustainability to thrive with the environment and society.

Our Vision

Cultivate Sustainable Value

Create Social Common Good

Our Mission

Practice Corporate Governance

Promote Environmental Sustainability

Establish Friendly Workplace
Realize Social Engagement

Our Implementation Guidelines

In the area of corporate governance, integrity is the prioritized corporate core value. VIS adheres to corporate governance principles and business ethics, and complies with laws and regulations; while proactively striving for business development and managing risks, VIS also ensures complete disclosure of information, safeguarding and balancing the interests of different stakeholders. Through continued drive for innovation, VIS enhances product value and builds a profitable foundation for long-term and sustainable growth, in order to achieve corporate sustainability.

In terms of environmental sustainability, VIS embraces and insists on the sustainable value of harmonious symbiosis with the environment. VIS continues to be engaged in R&D and green investment, and promotes green manufacturing, clean production, circular economy, and development of green supply chain. VIS strives for maximized efficiencies of energy and resources and rigorously reduces wastes and prevents pollutions to mitigate and adapt to the adverse influences of climate change on the environment.

In the area of friendly workplace, VIS is dedicated to drive people-oriented culture, regarding employees as our most important assets. VIS offers its employees competitive compensation and benefits, safe, healthy, challenging but interesting working environment, and education and training, helping all employees to achieve personal growth and fulfill their true potentials.

In terms of social engagement, in order to realize the vision of cultivating sustainable value and creating social common good, VIS proactively invests resources to encourage its employees to be professional and passionate, and join VIS in helping the disadvantaged, supporting education in remote areas, participating in community building, and promoting UN SDGs; VIS also leads by example and drives social engagement of its supply chain, becoming the driving force of our society’s advancement.