Corporate Sustainability at VIS

Risk Management Committee

Organizational Structure
Risk Management Committee
Committee Chairman
Area Committee Members
Risk Management Task Force Project
Fab/Division Executive Representatives
  • Committee Chairman: Served by President of the Company
  • Area Committee Members: Composed of the heads of each Area and the General Manager of subsidiaries
  • Fab/Division Executive Representatives: Composed of the heads of each Fab/Division

Scope of Risk Management: strategic risks, operational risks(production), financial risks, hazard risks(natural disasters, infectious diseases, climate change, water and electricity supply interruption, fire or chemical leakage), compliance risks, other risks(other than those listed above, as determined to cause significant losses to the company).

Management Procedures: risk identification, risk measurement, risk response, risk monitoring, risk reporting (report the execution of risk management to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors on an annual basis).

2020 Completed Items
First Quarter

The President convened all heads of each Area to complete the review on execution performances of 2019 company-wide risk items and to formulate the 2020 items with control measures, as well as reported to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors on 2020/02/20, concerning the risk environment the Company is confronted with, risk management priorities, risk assessment and countermeasures, the risk control measures adopted and the operation of risk management.

Second Quarter

Mid-year review of area risk items execution status: the risk management executive representative of each Fab (Division) summarized the risk items' control status and report to the Area Management.

Third Quarter

Promotion of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee: 2020/08/04 The Board of Directors approved the "Enterprise Risk Management Policies and Procedures", which sets out the organization and operation procedures of the Committee.