Backend Services

VIS provides One-Stop-Shop from front-end wafer manufacturing to back-end turnkey services with high quality and efficiency via VIS's dedicated turnkey engineering forces to assist OSAT for backend process setup and qualification.
The backend services includes
Front Side Metallization
  • Front Side Metallization
  • Chemical Plating
Back side Grinding and Metallization
  • Wafer Thinning by Taiko and non-Taiko process
  • Chemical Plating
Chip Probe
  • Test Programming
  • Production Management
GaN Back End
  • Chip Probe
  • Dicing & Wafer thinning
  • Package Assembly
  • Solder ball drop methodology
  • Backside coating film is available
  • Offer Cu RDL with and without PI
Backend Solution Provider
  • Backend solution evaluation for customization
  • Backend Phase in project handling
  • New process Join Development
Real time information
  • Real time production information via VIS-Online
  • Effective production management review with OSATs
Supply Chain Management
  • Seamless planning and operation management
  • Various supply chain solutions
  • Fast ramp-up cycle time
  • Capacity flexibility
Quality and Reliability
  • Integrated quality management
  • Sufficiency engineering support for troubleshooting and issue handling
  • Continuous engineering improvement