MPW Program

VIS Multiple Project Wafer

VIS's Multiple Project Wafer (MPW) service is an effective solution that offers customers a lower design NRE, quick and efficient way for IPs and prototypes verification.

MPW service enables multiple designs to share tooling costs on a multi-project mask set. Customer's design NREs are significantly reduced for product prototyping, circuit verification and characterization.

VIS MPW service covers a wide range of technologies from 1.0-micron to 0.11-micron with frequent and periodic launch schedule via VIS-Online registration. With the service and system, customers can make the effective design verification plan for fast time-to-market.

Mask NRE cost saving for designs and prototyping
Variety of technologies offering
Flexible and convenient on-line services

If you are a VIS customer, please login to VIS-Online or contact your account or CE manager for the latest MPW schedule.