Intelligent Manufacturing & Management

Manufacturing Excellence

Foundry service is the most complex manufacturing service in the world. To manage diversified processes and product portfolio, VIS adopts rigorous production control to control product quality and achieve manufacturing excellence in foundry services.

VIM2 – VIS Intelligent Manufacturing & Intelligent Management

VIS has been providing effective and high-satisfactory foundry service using Industry 3.0 technologies. To achieve excellent performance, VIS promotes its VIM2 --VIS Intelligent Manufacturing & Intelligent Management with Industry 4.0 technologies, in terms of quality, cost, cycle time, people productivity, OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness), customer satisfaction, etc. VIM2 system implementation is based on Data-Driven and System-Centric to achieve a new-style production operation and management with "Auto-Decision", and comprehensively enhance the intelligence of VIS systems.

VIM2 – Platform

VIM2 coordinates operation through the integration of automated production technology, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), big data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to achieve intelligent production and then enhance the company's competitiveness and accelerate the company's growth.